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Marco Island Mural Artist
Marco Island Artist

Denise has a real delight and love for her painting. 

Raised in California, she has been painting and crafting since her natural talent emerged in second grade.

Most of Denise's professional life involved sign painting with her husband, who recognized her talent and taught her the trade,... custom design and hand painted signs. Together they traveled the United States, living in their motor home painting their way across the nation for 21 years.

With an eye for color, a love of the creative process and a brave willingness to try new and different projects, Denise is an excellent choice for your artistic and sign needs.

From Graphic Design,

 Sign Painting, Christmas Windows, Murals and Dolphin Sculptures, to Underwater Photography, Denise is your choice for incredible and unique art brought to life with her talent and skill.  All comments are welcome and appreciated.

Marco Island Artist, Marco Island, Florida
Marco Island Artist, Denise Santos
Marco Island Statue Artist,
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