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The eyes have it! 
A three dimensional mural, built and painted in shop.
Installed on a wall in the Speakeasy Restaurant of Marco Island, finished off with beautiful brick work. 
They follow you everywhere!
Marco Island Mural Artist
Marco Island Mural Artist,
Marco Island Mural Artist
Mural in
Puerto Morales 
Summer of 2016.
Denise was commissioned to
paint this stunning poolside
Marco Island mural artist
Marco Island Muralist
Denise designed, layed out on canvas, got all paints mixed and ready, and spent two weeks at the school, guiding and teaching, as each class full of children came out and had a chance to paint on the mural.
Marco Island muralist
 It was a hands on experience for 500 some students attending Tommy Barfield School in the Spring of 2015
Tommy Barfield Elementary      School Mural, Marco Island, Florida
Marco Island Mural artist
    Custom designed and Hand Painted on a 15' dining room wall.
Goodland, Florida
Murals on Marco Island

Beautiful Backsplash Mural

Do you need to hire a muralist in Marco Island?Design your own mural, with Denise,..and express yourself with beautiful artwork in your home!

Large scale kitchen mural
Marco Island Interior Mural
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